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We partner with employers to treat employee muscle, nerve, and joint pain so they’re back at work faster at half the current cost.

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Did you know issues like neck or back pain are some of the most common and costly healthcare conditions for employers? 

Better care at Lower cost

We determine if the injured employee needs urgent care, tele-rehab, or cognitive functional therapy on the day of injury, cutting claim cost >50%.


simple 1-stop shop

Reduced administrative burden to manage employees' pain by combining multiple steps into one to minimize
paperwork and claim duration.


Reduced Absenteeism

Whether sick days or indemnity, we empower employees so they can continue working and living. Employees don’t want to be “benched.”



User-friendly digital health integrated platform

Predictable rate via monthly subscription

The only plan that reduces year to year cost over time, and have the peace-of-mind that comes with a consistent monthly rate.

Convenience of digital delivery in your home

Your employees get care faster than driving to a clinic appointment, so no time, energy, or gas is wasted.

Research-based Modern Approach

Traditional care follows guidelines <20% of the time. We incorporate the article published yesterday.

Same-day appointments

Delayed treatment means time off from work. We start treatment early to enable your industrial athlete to keep “playing on the field.”

Personalized, comprehensive approach

We assess sleep habits, social health, stress, fitness, and nutrition as much as ability to exercise in order to reduce pain.

Employee Creates their own plan

Together we work to address underlying contributing factors which include modifying work duties and identifying unhelpful beliefs about pain.

The sooner you start the conversation, the sooner you can begin the savings.
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a new level.
Delighted employers, delighted employees.

Employer Testimonial (Temple Univ.)

I am writing this to let you know how pleased we are with your service to our employees on behalf of Temple University. Physical therapists were able to diagnose the complaint with clinical tests and rarely referred the employee for imaging due to determining that imaging results would not change the treatment plan. This has resulted in less cost and radiation exposure to the employees. The average number of visits these employees needed to resolve their complaint was 3.4 physical therapy visits. There were no legal claims or complaints to our office from Temple employees participating in their program. We have been impressed with the low total episode cost for the employees who participated. More importantly, we believe that we have been able to avoid any long-term serious health injuries due to participation.

Employee Testimonial (HEALTHCROWD)

My experience with Aware Health has been beyond what I expected and extremely therapeutic. When I first started with Heidi, I had severe pain in one of my shoulders that I needed to resolve but I was also concerned about leaving the house and taking additional time off work. I had never tried virtual PT but it worked perfectly for me. Not only was Heidi able to measure my range of motion, see my alignment, and give feedback, but she was also able to get really practical and creative with the exercises. It’s very clear that she is fully dedicated to my goals.

   Employee Testimonial

Everything about my experience was extremely positive. Dealing with my extreme back pain through telehealth was so much better than having to move to get into a car, go to a hospital and wait to see someone while in severe pain. I can't imagine being able to do that. So having a professional with me at home (through the computer) was beyond helpful.

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